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Sketch to 3D Rendering - Virtual Staging - AI Redesign

Turn Photos, Sketches, and Designs Into Realistic Renderings Instantly

Upload your design and get your renderings in seconds using AI

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Loved by 10,000+ customers

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Five-Star Reviews

I love Architect Render. The carousel feature is awesome. Life is so much easier! The customer service is outstanding. So personable. Thanks, guys.

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Interior Designer

I love Architect Render, it's by far my favorite render app! The templates are super helpful, and the AI works great. It saves me at least two days worth of work per week project.

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My experience with Architect Render has been amazing, I love the app and it is super polished. If you do interior design then it's a Green light!

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Senior Architect


Upload Your

Use Architect Render's cutting-edge web application to select from a list of design criteria, and include keywords to add your own unique touch to your rendering.

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Select Your Design Settings

Upload your photo, sketch, or design file for instant AI render generation. In a matter of seconds, your 3D rendering is complete and added to your My Media dashboard for instant access and download.


Download Your Render

Download your 3D rendering in seconds. The downloaded file is completely owned by you for any and all uses.

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Perfect Tool for Anyone

Architect Render - Individuals and COmmunities

Individuals & Communities

Great for sharing design ideas or brainstorming potential looks for renovations

Architect Render - Architects and Developers

Architects & Developers

Great for presenting professional renderings to clients at faster turnaround times

Architect Render - Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Great for experimenting different designs and styles productively 

Architect Render - Brokers and Real Estate Agents

Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Great for marketing high volumes of properties with instant virtual staging enhancements for clients

Amazing Results Instantly

Architect Render uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to make you more creative and productive. Professional 3D Renders are delivered at lightspeed by the AI Architect Tool.

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Super Realistic

Get photo-realistic renderings at your command

Boost Creativity

Let Artifical Intelligence do the heavy design lifting for you 

Instant Renderings

Receive quality Artifical Intelligence generated renderings in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Architect Render?
    Architect Render is an online application that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to generate unique, design-focused photo-realistic renderings from user images, sketches, and photos. The app can be used for 3D designs, virtual staging, and real estate interior and exterior style ideation. All renderings are in 4K high-definition quality and are free for commercial use. If you'd like to find out more about Architect Render, check out our About Us article here.
  • What Are The Benefits of Using Architect Render?
    Architect Render is a cost-effective way to generate photo-realistic renderings for ideation and style inspiration for home design and architecture. Customers can visualize how their spaces of interest will look using a growing list of settings and design styles. The added user prompt input will let the customer control more of what the AI tool will generate specifically, for more accurate results. Architect Render gives both hobbyists and customers with clients the power to create projects more efficiently and productively with the instant rendering capabilities provided via AI technology, which includes; architectural sketch 3D rendering, interior design 3D rendering, and existing building stylization and renovation rendering. Results are delivered in 4K High Definition, and are sure to impress clients and audiences. Our AI tool works on any device, without the need to install any mobile app or desktop program. Using our app via your preferred web browser is all you will need to create the best AI 3D renders online. Customers will have access to all their renderings on their account My Media dashboards, and will be given exclusive access to the newest AI rendering features as they launch.
  • What Can I Expect?
    You can expect high quality photo-realistic AI generated renderings with 100% commercial user license, easy access to previous renderings, and most-importantly, an easy-to-use tool to generate all your renderings. Our customer service team will be there to help customers throughout the rendering process, and will utilize customer feedback to optimize our tools and services.
  • Does It Work With Digital Designs Too?
    Yes! You can upload an image of your digital design, sketch, or even a photo with your camera. This system works with various image sources, including .jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc.
  • How Do I Access My Old Designs?
    All designs created on our system are automatically stored on your My Media dashboard for future access.
  • Who Owns The Final Rendering?
    You will own all your renderings that are created through our system, and will be given a free commercial use license for every render you've generated.
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